Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Our New Apartment

Elbert got busy looking for us an apartment. It was obvious that we could not afford to stay much longer at the motel. Why he did not look for one closer to the Barber's Point Air Station where he worked, I have no idea but I am so glad that he instead chose the one we rented. It was on Castle Street, near the end of Ala Wai Canal, with Diamond Head watching over us.

The building was two story, eight apartments in all, sitting perpendicular to the street with a small paved area in front and a open garage across the way. The only grass was a tiny bit of lawn in one corner between the garage and the fence. The entrance was anchored by tall coco palms, heavy with fruit and large bushes of  hibiscus covered with red blossoms.

Our apartment was small, but then we were used to small spaces. The master bedroom faced the front, while the girls room was in back. I'd deal with where to put the coming baby when it got here. There was a living room with space for a small table. You might could call that an eating alcove if you stretched your imagination real far. And, then a wee kitchen with all the essentials, oven, refrigerator, cabinets. 

The back door opened onto a lanai overgrown with enormous Split-leaf Philodendron, the leaves bigger than my Mama's Sunday dinner platter that she always piled heaps of fried chicken on. The dark green vines were thick and tangled. 

And, dripping over the slatted fence out back was fuchsia colored bougainvillea. 

There were flowers everywhere I looked. It seemed that just about any plant would grow well from the tropical air, the almost daily sprinkle of showers and the abundant sunshine.

Elbert was a Radioman First Class, now stationed at Barber's Point near the town of Kapolei. His duty there would be two years in length and then we would be moved again. He drove about 40 miles round-trip every day from Castle Street, through the city of Honolulu, circling wide around Pearl Harbor and on to his work. It wasn't the most enjoyable thing for him to have to do and the price of gasoline, it was sky-high. Stateside a gallon of gas cost 31 cents, it was three times that price on the island. Buying gasoline for the car was really cutting into our budget. I felt that, at some time, we would have to move closer to the base and I did not want to do that.

But, for now we would just enjoy all these glorious flowers, the sights and sounds we were so unfamiliar with, the experience of living in 'paradise'. We were ready to embrace all that Hawaii had to offer.

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